Satellite, Cable, Streaming…Oh, My!

Today we’re going to talk about TV options!  There are oh, so many options when talking about what you spend your free time viewing.  It used to be that everyone had cable, that was the premium way to view television.  But times have definitely changed.  The amount of options are so varied now that it’s impossible to say there is one, definite best way to view content.  But even more than that, most people choose to combine the various ways they view television programs.  Here is a rundown.

First, let’s talk about cable.  Cable may still be a good option for some people, but I gave it up years ago.  Raising my kids on a single, limited income, I had to find ways to be creative and stop paying for cable.  First of all, I should say I still like to have the basic channels, if for nothing more than to watch the news every day!  And I still have that.  I did it through purchasing an antenna, and using it to connect to the basic channels for free.  I might only get 10-15 channels this way, but I get the main channels where I can view the news, the regular nightly TV shows, and even sports (if I was ever inclined to watch any).  I don’t think I spent more than $20-$30 purchasing the antenna, and I’ve been using it for years. 

Second, let’s talk for a minute about satellite.  For awhile before I found the joy of internet streaming, I indulged in the options of satellite.  With satellite, I was able to get a myriad of channels for a relatively low price.  There were a couple problems I found with this.  First, I was still locked into a contract, and that didn’t make me happy.  Second, at the time I lived in the country, and found that if there was a storm going through….well, the storm would so greatly interfere with the satellite reception that I simply didn’t get any television at all!  This was a problem for me in a number of ways.  I’m sure that things may have changed by now in the world of satellite, but I’ve never had the desire to try again.  Mainly because other options became more appealing to me.

Finally, let’s talk about streaming.  This is internet streaming, and I use streaming in several ways.  I use Netflix, Hulu, and sometimes even Amazon Prime.  I’ve also purchased add-on options at various times, but only for certain shows that I couldn’t get any other way – and which I watched, and then discontinued the extra options to save money.  But you see, that is part of the beauty of the internet streaming options.  There is no contract, you pay for what you want, and you can cancel part of certain streaming options at any time if you no longer need them.  You can even get different price points according to things such as how many TVs you want to be able to stream at one time.  I know there are many, many more streaming options available.  Do your research and find the ones that work the best for you!

What I’m trying to get across on this blog, more than anything, is that it’s okay to be creative when talking about the many ways you spend your money!  You can be comfortable and get the things that you want, while still spending much less than those who don’t do their research to ensure they are getting the best deals.  Anyways, hope this post has been helpful for someone out there!  And as always, remember it is possible to be a thrifty, yet fabulous mama.

Angela J.